Fresh lotus crystal OB

Safely reduce blood fat in 30 days, produced from raw leaf buds fresh 100% pure, no preservatives, no synthetic aromas.
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Fresh lotus crystal OB recommended for:
- People with high blood fat index,
- The obese,
- The fatty liver,
- The high blood pressure,
- The physiological insomnia, insomnia due to stress,
- People with diabetes.

Essential uses of fresh lotus leaf OB
- Reduce blood fat;
- Reduction of atherosclerosis;
- Reduces fatty liver;
- Protect the cardiovascular system
- Reduce obesity, weight loss program;
- Sedation;
- Stabilization of blood sugar; Good for diabetic patients.

100% extracted from fresh leaf buds.
The main active ingredient in lotus leaf 5g crystal content of flavonoid -133,5mg.

Usage: Take 5g / day after dinner. A 04-year drinking session, each batch of 150 g; Mix in 120ml warm water 5g 40 - 45ᴼC

Storage: Preserve cool dry place, 20 to 250C temperature, avoid direct sunlight. The bottle was open should be stored in a cool fridge compartment.

Expiration: 24 months from date of manufacture. Manufacturing date and expiry date indicated on the product label.

Note: Limit use those low blood pressure.

Specification: 75g jars (used for 15 days)

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Safely reduce blood fat in 30 days, produced from raw leaf buds fresh 100%...
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